Vape Starter Kits

Electronic Cigarette & Vape Starter Kits

Available for Purchase at Our Locations in Richmond VA, Danville VA, Midlothian VA & Augusta GA

Are you looking to quit smoking cigarettes? Tired of giving your money to the state and federal government? Well, it’s time for you to toss those cancer sticks and start fresh! At Madvapes in Danville, Glen Allen, & now open in Midlothian, VA we offer a wide variety of electronic cigarette starter kits. 

The starter kits offered at Madvapes will help give you the ultimate push you need to help quit smoking. The majority of vaping kits cost anywhere between $40-$80 dollars, the initial cost for your electronic cigarette starter kit will depend on what you are looking for. Our expert staff can help you determine what you will need when you come in.

One Stop Vape Shop Offering Electronic Cigarettes, Juice, & More!

If you are smoking around a half a pack of cigarettes a day, that comes out to be anywhere between $115-$230 dollars a month. Vaping costs less than HALF of what cigarettes do. Once you have a starter kit the only thing you will need to continue doing is replacing coils and purchasing new E-Liquids.

Electronic cigarettes are compact, easy to store, easy to smoke on the go and durable. Unlike cigarettes, that are bulky, hard to travel with, break in half, and harmful to your health. Madvapes wants you to choose the best alternative to quitting smoking and that’s exactly what one of our starter kits will help you do! Contact us today with any questions or stop in at one of our locations! 
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