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If you’re new to vaping, you may not be familiar with all of the associated terms. No worries - at Madvapes, we’re here to help you! When you’re just starting out with vaping, it is especially important to educate yourself about mechanical mods prior to using them. 

A mechanical mod (short for modification) is simply a fancy word for a metal battery tube. These are typically available in stainless steel, brass or aluminum. Within the mechanical mod, there is a replaceable battery inside which connects to an atomizer to allow for vaping. A true mechanical mod does not contain wiring or any kind of electronics within the product. Madvapes offers a variety of mechanical vape mods to choose from to fit your style & budget. 
Why Buy A Mechanical Vape Mod?
Mechanical mods are well known for their durability, in addition to their aesthetics. Electronic mods are also available. However, some may find mechanical mods have the advantage as they are not dependent on electronic components. This difference allows for easier repair, extending the life of your device. With a mechanical mod, you can also replace the batteries as they expire. With electronic mods, sometimes battery replacement is not an option. To learn more about our available vape mods, call or stop by one of our vape shops today!
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